Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the soup kitchen

Ahh, The Soup Kitchen. Our first quasi-official Saturday Lunch Club meeting. This was the historic lunch in which we decided to document our culinary adventures around Salt Lake via blog. Unfortunately, this bright idea didn't come to us until we were already in the middle of lunch, so all our pictures are not beautiful mouth-watering photos of delicious fare, but of half-eaten food taken with a camera phone. That's okay, we'll be prepared next time.

Anyway, there were three of us this time. And of course we all got the same thing, tomato soup and grilled cheese. The tomato soup at The Soup Kitchen is amazing. The grilled cheese was grilled to perfection but it looked like they used Kraft singles instead of really good cheese, which was not our favorite. But overall, the soup alone was worth it - I feel REALLY good about it - and they have plenty of other great soup and sandwich options.


Linda said...

Hello, Clairice!
Your header looks vaguely familiar!
Maybe you could do a little header for me.
Except I wouldn't want "WhimseyWoman" I'm not sure what I was thinking. Everytime I google myself, some website called "wench.com" comes up. I think it has to do with Renaissance Fairs. But I guess I'm still a whimsical woman anyway.

Trish said...

Oh wow... looks like someone gobbled up that soup faster than anything! That's awesome! Yummy yummy soup!!! The sandwiches.... EHHH! The cheese... you just don't do that in a restaurant... kraft singles?? NO!!!! Love the pics, Clairice! I'm so excited for the cupcake shop this saturday!!! YAYYYY