Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the old dutch store

The Old Dutch Store was our second 'non-official' Saturday Lunch Club meeting - once again, no pictures since we hadn't actually thought this through yet. And it was a few weeks ago, so we don't actually remember what we had exactly. I think I had a sandwich called the Amsterdam with thuringer meat (similar to pepperoni and salami) and Gouda cheese. Lisa had something that looked good, but the only thing I remember was that it was messy. Sorry Lisa. It's a cute little store, but more of place to go pick something up to take home than actually sit down. And last, but definitely not least, we tried some black licorice pieces by the front counter on our way out. Normally I like black licorice, but I think these substituted all their sugar for salt and I'm sorry, they were just wrong. Great for people that love extra-beyond belief salty candy that make your eyes water and fill you with the need to stuff something else in your mouth to cover up the taste, but I think they turned me off of licorice for at least a year. Sandwiches were good though - overall consensus is we feel pretty good about them.

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Lisa said...

That was the nastiest licorice I've ever tasted....that was just wrong. NEVER AGAIN!