Monday, April 14, 2008

cafe med

Finally, our first official Saturday Lunch Club meeting. This one was supposed to take place at a little bistro close by that we have been dying to eat at for a few weeks. Unfortunately, the people who own it go on a whim to close it every time we try to eat there. They are playing hard to get and I think that makes me want to eat there more. Anyway, the point is we ended up eating somewhere else, Cafe Med, which seemed to be mostly Greek and Mediterranean food. I got some kind of skewer, Lisa got the Mediterranean Platter and Amber (a visiting lunch club member) go a gyro. (Don't you love my great dish descriptions? It just feels like you were there.) Some things were too dry, some too greasy, and to be perfectly honest, in the tradition of Goldilocks, nothing was just right. Except for Lisa's salad, that was pretty good. Too bad none of us are amazing professional food critics who can say stuff like 'the slight saffron infusion was delightful against the soulful braised duck' and know what we're talking about. So instead, from a few regular girls who like to eat good food, we are just going to say it was alright, nothing to write home about though. Our overall rating is we feel okay about it. But not great. Or really good. Or good. Just okay.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the soup kitchen

Ahh, The Soup Kitchen. Our first quasi-official Saturday Lunch Club meeting. This was the historic lunch in which we decided to document our culinary adventures around Salt Lake via blog. Unfortunately, this bright idea didn't come to us until we were already in the middle of lunch, so all our pictures are not beautiful mouth-watering photos of delicious fare, but of half-eaten food taken with a camera phone. That's okay, we'll be prepared next time.

Anyway, there were three of us this time. And of course we all got the same thing, tomato soup and grilled cheese. The tomato soup at The Soup Kitchen is amazing. The grilled cheese was grilled to perfection but it looked like they used Kraft singles instead of really good cheese, which was not our favorite. But overall, the soup alone was worth it - I feel REALLY good about it - and they have plenty of other great soup and sandwich options.

the old dutch store

The Old Dutch Store was our second 'non-official' Saturday Lunch Club meeting - once again, no pictures since we hadn't actually thought this through yet. And it was a few weeks ago, so we don't actually remember what we had exactly. I think I had a sandwich called the Amsterdam with thuringer meat (similar to pepperoni and salami) and Gouda cheese. Lisa had something that looked good, but the only thing I remember was that it was messy. Sorry Lisa. It's a cute little store, but more of place to go pick something up to take home than actually sit down. And last, but definitely not least, we tried some black licorice pieces by the front counter on our way out. Normally I like black licorice, but I think these substituted all their sugar for salt and I'm sorry, they were just wrong. Great for people that love extra-beyond belief salty candy that make your eyes water and fill you with the need to stuff something else in your mouth to cover up the taste, but I think they turned me off of licorice for at least a year. Sandwiches were good though - overall consensus is we feel pretty good about them.

Monday, April 7, 2008

cafe de normandie

So our first 'non-official' Saturday Lunch Club meeting was at the Cafe de Normandie in Holladay, UT. Since we didn't come up with the brilliant idea of creating an actual club until a few weeks later, we have no photos of this particular lunch. Which is too bad for you because it was a good one in a very cute bakery. Truth be told, I don't actually remember what what sandwich I got, but the soup was amazing. Chicken curry soup. Mmm. Lisa got the french onion which was pretty good as well. I even broke down and got a dessert - shortbread with way more frosting than is good for you - but it was worth it. Overall, I feel good about Cafe de Normandie. (4679 Holladay Blvd) And blogging about food. How can I make this a full time job?

who doesn't love food?

Welcome to the blog of the Saturday Lunch Club, a fun little venture consisting of a few friends who like to get together on Saturday afternoons and check out random and unique places to eat in our little valley of Salt Lake City. Whoo hoo! What's more fun than a club about food!