Thursday, May 1, 2008

mini's cupcakes

In one word... sweet. In two words... sickeningly sweet. I love cupcakes. I love berries. I love fruit and crazy cheeses. But I don't love them together in a meal that consists of nothing but sweetness and no savory, salty or spicy to be seen anywhere. This is my summing up of Mini's Cupcakes.

What can I say? I was excited about about Mini's because I love cupcakes with a passion I cannot accurately describe in words. Ahh, the little moist cakes, the endless array of flavors and frostings, the returning to the innocent days of childhood were nothing mattered but you and your dessert. The anticipation of eating at one of Salt Lake's very own cupcake shops (we have an astonishing lack of cupcake shops here - only four - you can never have too many cupcake options) was killing me. Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but still, I was dying to try this place.

Once again, it was very 'sweet.' From the very cute pink counter and displays (the rest of it is a big open space with one table, a couch, a leg lamp like the one from A Christmas Story, and a big empty area great for doing cartwheels), to the lunch specials, and of course, the cupcakes. The sandwich and salad were great, just really sweet and dying for something a little more savory. Berry bread, brie cheese, berry spread, pears, honey ham - and that's just one sandwich. The salad included strawberries, goat cheese and berry vinaigrette dressing. Berries, berries everywhere. The cupcakes were just about right - with names like Breakfast at Tiffany's, Snowball, Pretty in Pink and Smore Please, how can you go wrong? A little dry, but overall very tasty. And sweet. Am I getting it across that everything was so so sweet? So basically, I think the majority of the lunch club participating that Saturday would say they feel really good about it. I'm afraid I would have to just say I feel good about it. I can't feel really good about a place that makes me want to eat a bunch of lemons and throw a handful of salt in my mouth just to feel normal again.