Monday, April 14, 2008

cafe med

Finally, our first official Saturday Lunch Club meeting. This one was supposed to take place at a little bistro close by that we have been dying to eat at for a few weeks. Unfortunately, the people who own it go on a whim to close it every time we try to eat there. They are playing hard to get and I think that makes me want to eat there more. Anyway, the point is we ended up eating somewhere else, Cafe Med, which seemed to be mostly Greek and Mediterranean food. I got some kind of skewer, Lisa got the Mediterranean Platter and Amber (a visiting lunch club member) go a gyro. (Don't you love my great dish descriptions? It just feels like you were there.) Some things were too dry, some too greasy, and to be perfectly honest, in the tradition of Goldilocks, nothing was just right. Except for Lisa's salad, that was pretty good. Too bad none of us are amazing professional food critics who can say stuff like 'the slight saffron infusion was delightful against the soulful braised duck' and know what we're talking about. So instead, from a few regular girls who like to eat good food, we are just going to say it was alright, nothing to write home about though. Our overall rating is we feel okay about it. But not great. Or really good. Or good. Just okay.

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Lisa said... don't feel so good about things when your food looks like a giant turd! I'm glad I picked the vegetarian dish...