Monday, April 7, 2008

cafe de normandie

So our first 'non-official' Saturday Lunch Club meeting was at the Cafe de Normandie in Holladay, UT. Since we didn't come up with the brilliant idea of creating an actual club until a few weeks later, we have no photos of this particular lunch. Which is too bad for you because it was a good one in a very cute bakery. Truth be told, I don't actually remember what what sandwich I got, but the soup was amazing. Chicken curry soup. Mmm. Lisa got the french onion which was pretty good as well. I even broke down and got a dessert - shortbread with way more frosting than is good for you - but it was worth it. Overall, I feel good about Cafe de Normandie. (4679 Holladay Blvd) And blogging about food. How can I make this a full time job?

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